* AA1NZ was doing all the recording at the Rx-ing end. When it was his turn to test, an innocent observer held the metal RXer box. It was later demonstrated that holding the box dropped a 340 reading down to 40 mV. Tom did not protest, but vowed to improve the test method next year.
** KA9JAC was aware of the fact that his antenna was not loading properly. However, he wanted to test to see the effects.
The Rxer circuit was a small loop antenna fed into a parallel tuned circuit which was tuned for 7.2335 MHz. There, the RF was rectified in a germanium full wave bridge. The DC voltage was fed down a 40 foot shielded cable to a metal box with two terminals for a digital millivoltmeter connection. The
transmitter used for all contestants was an IC706 with a cigar lighter plug. The output was set to 50W for all contestants as the rig was switched between vehicles being tested. The antenna under test was placed above a marker which was located at 40 Meters from the receiving loop. Mebbe not too scientific, but it sure was an interesting experience for all involved.
See you next year !!